Special Purpose Transformers

Special Purpose Transformers
Special Purpose transformers includes High Current Ring Type CTs (Bus Duct CT) up to 22kV and 30,000 A and High Current Split Core CTs up to 50,000 A for furnace dusty using our fully automated vacuum casting process.

Residual Voltage Transformer
We manufacture Indoor type Residual Voltage Transformer as per IS standard up to 11kV for Protection of Capacitor Bank against neutral grounding fault. A Three Phase, Five Limbed having secondary winding connected in broken delta so as to produce between the appropriate terminals a voltage representative of residual voltage existing in Three Phase Voltage applied to primary terminals.

Neutral Grounding Transformers
We manufacture Neutral Grounding Transformers up to 33 kV/200 kVA. Neutral Grounding transformers are auxiliary transformers used in three phase distribution systems to provide a neutral point.

Rated Burden: Up to 200 kVA.
Insulation Class : B and Higher .